The student blogging challenge

Hello people of the internet I just want to say these past few months we have all been doing the student blogging challenge and it is finally coming to an end and I just want to say it was a fun time putting up blog posts on my blog and telling you guys what I have done for the past few months and I really hoped you guys enjoyed my posts because this might be my last post anyways I would like to thank Miss W. because she was able to allow kids around the world do the student blogging challenge.

Anyways if you guys want to check out my team’s blogs and promote our team’s page just visit one of the links below and read and leave a comment on their posts.

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Save our Home

Do you want to save the environment? 

Hi people of the internet, My name is Anthony and I  am going to be talking about how we can help the environment. The first way we can help the environment is to start helping an organizations by donating to the organization EDF or environmental defense fund or you can just visit our page and you can still make a donation. Another way you can help the environment is start a new organization to start picking up trash or do the world a favor and just throw away your trash in a garbage can instead of just throwing it on the ground. One final way you can help the environment is to not throw away your trash on the beach or anywhere near the ocean because that can be very dangerous for the sea creatures because it will enter the ocean and kill the poor sea animals.  If you want to learn more information about EDF or how the environment is in danger and how you can help just visit one of these links that will take you to the website.

This is some of the work I worked on with my group to support Environmental Defense Fund and tell me if we were able to get your attention to help save the environment? and if you will do anything to save the environment?

Marketing campaign

Hello, Everyone and I want to talk to you guys about what I am doing in school

In school I am doing a Marketing campaign about the environment but I am going against other teams like the other problems in the word like health, education, poverty & hunger, etc and my team which is environment and I have to make a really good poster with a lot of images to show people how bad the environment is and how we can help fix it. So we use organizations and we try to support them in the project because we are trying to get people to donate.

The Global Goals


  Today we related the global goals to a story called “Les Miserable ”     

The Global goal that mostly related to the story “Les Miserable” is #1 no poverty because the story was about someone names Valjean that was so poor that he had to steal a loaf of bread. Also my school had something to do with global goals because we had a fundraiser for can foods for we can give it to the people that are in  need and that action relates to global goal #1 no poverty because the people we are giving the can foods to are the people that can’t afford things like we do and we have a project about global goals next month so a lot of this information about global goals can help me and the other kids in my class geImage result for global goalst good grades for our projects.