All You Need To Know About Me

Hi, my name is Anthony

I am 11 years old and I live in california, my birthday is on May 31 so I am pretty excited for that and I go to a great and amazing school called Jane Addams Middle School. Jams is just the best school because we have fun activities on thursdays, kids here are fun to hang out with, PE and electives are fun in Jams too. My favorite sport will have to be soccer because I love playing soccer it feels good to shoot a amazing goal and then start cheering as you make a shoot.  My favorite color is baby blue because I just like how it is light and blue . I don’t really have a favorite food but if I had to choose a favorite food it would probably be a burger. My favorite animal is going to have to be a panda because they are big, fat, friendly, furry, and just so adorable and I just love how they play with the other Pandas and they are just amazing. I have 3 dogs and I will love them till I die and two cockatiels (Birds) and I love how they don’t hiss at me like other birds will do . My two favorite hobbies are Sports and video games. I love sports like soccer and basketball but my favorite is soccer because it just feels great to shoot a goal and I love video games because they are fun but they are more fun when you play with your friend and my favorite game to play on my console is rainbow six siege (Xbox one rules!!). I like to cook  for my family so whenever I wake up early I try to make them food before they cook something for me or when they cook I always like to help them. I like to go on hikes because I just love going outdoors but sometimes I can be someone that stays home but most of the time I like to go outside to go play with my friends. Finally I have a little sister that I love soo xoxoxox much and I am going to teach her how to play soccer like my dad did to me 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my blog.


7 thoughts on “All You Need To Know About Me

  1. Your middle school sounds super fun! I love video games too. my favorite is bioshock. My favorite color is baby blue too! It is a really soft color. I think we could really get along! Here is my blog. Hope you visit and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed yours!

  2. Hey Anthony! I love your About Me post! It is cool that you have two birds. I have always wondered what it would be like to have one. A fun thing to do that we have in common is hiking. I love being outdoors surrounded by nature.

    • The birds are kinda annoying because they won’t stop tweeting anyways sorry for responding late so anyways if you want to get a bird it will be fine but I am just warning you they might tweet a lot

  3. Hey Anthony! First off , I am so jealous that you live in California! I really wanna move to California! How long have you played soccer? I have played ever since I was five! I also enjoy being outdoors and cooking for my family as well. Hope you have a great day!

    • I have played soccer since I was five to anyways sorry for responding so late anyways thanks for the comment and I would like to know what do you like to cook with your family or what is your favorite thing to cook mine is pancakes for the morning and I love the outdoors and if you like outdoors do you like hiking as well?

  4. My favorite sport is soccer as well! I want to try to do a lot of hiking when i grow up. If your parents told you you can never play and XBOX again, would you buy a Playstation? Come check out my blog!-

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